Have You Considered Selling Your Property?
Pacific Land Development Partners is a Buyer or Land.

Right now may be a great time to consider selling your property. Your land could be included in an area Pacific Land Development Partners would like to develop. This may be a great opportunity for you and your family.

Pacific Land Development Partners is a land development company and a value-added partner to land owners. We help people like you who may be considering selling land or who may be interested in finding out how their land can be used to secure a financial future.

Pacific Land Holding – The Right Choice

We have the experience to manage land developments and land transactions. This work requires legal environment, technical and logistical know how. Pacific Land Development Partners skillfully navigates the bureaucratic entitlement maze to clear the path for developments to be completed successfully. We work with the appropriate government agencies to obtain approvals for new home lots parks and neighborhoods.

Several solutions are available to help you sell your land. Our land purchase agreements give sellers a higher price in exchange for more time to obtain necessary approvals to build. These agreements are arranged between you, Pacific Land Development Partners and a local real estate agent. Most agreements include these following features:

  • A higher selling price than similar active listing in the seller’s nearby area.
  • Substantive payments to sellers while Pacific Land Development Partners works to obtain government approvals.
  • Simple and straight forward agreements. Pacific Land Development Partners uses a format for land purchase agreements that has been written by the California Association of Realtors.
  • We also work with sellers who wish to sell only a portion of their land.
  • It is Pacific Land Development Partners desire to have sellers who are comfortable with their land purchase agreement. If a seller has any concerns about the interpretation of an agreement, an attorney may be consulted prior to signing. If an agreement is subsequently approved by Pacific Land Development Partners and the seller . Pacific Land Development Partners will pay the cost of the attorney to review the agreement (up to an amount specified).
  • Sellers may continue working their land up to the close of escrow. Therefore, it is very possible to continue making money from a property (i.e. farming) even though it is in contract.